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Payment Options:

We accept the following sources of payment:



Credit Cards - Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

Insurance Assignment - This is a letter that is turned into the insurance company along with the claim form and death certificate.  This asks the insurance company to pay only the amount due us with the rest going to the beneficiary.  There is a $50 charge for an insurance assignment.

Pre-Need Arrangements (with another firm) - We can assist in transferring these funds to our firm with the remaining balances going to the beneficiary or the estate of the deceased.

Estates - if an estate is involved, we request that a family member pay our charges and secure reimbursement from the estate.  If you are needing to wait for the estate to finalize, there will be an additional $200 charge.  This fee will be deducted if the balance is paid in full within 30 days.  If a survivor is a joint signer on a checking accout with the decedent, there is a possibility that the funds will not go into the estate and can be used immediately for final expenses.

If none of these options are feasible, we require a down payment of at least half of the amount

For questions about our services or to submit an obituary please email us:

Vital Statistics Information
The file below is available for you to download and complete at your convenience.  The information requested is necessary for completion of the death certificate and guidance at time of death.

Vital Statistics Record




Direct Cremation

This fee includes service of staff, removal of remains and cremation. Rites and ceremonies are additional. Legalities require a remains encasement for the cremation process. We provide containers such as fiberboard and cremation caskets.


Direct Cremation with Container Provided by Purchaser


Direct Cremation with Fiberboard Container


Direct Cremation w/ Cremation Casket From our Firm


North Carolina Board of Funeral Service Cremation Fee


Mailing of Urn to Family 



Cremation with Body Present at Memorial Service in Other Location 

Services of funeral director and staff, transfer of remains to our facility within 50 miles, embalming, other preparation of body, rental casket, visitation and funeral service at other location and cremation.



Bowman Gray Donations

Services of funeral director and staff, transfer of remains to WFU Baptist Medical Center within 50 miles, filing necessary documents, such as notifying Social Security, generating the death certificate and getting the certified copies of the death certificate to the family, assisting the family in placing an obituary in the newspaper.


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